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Hingham Square loses iconic building, town employees acted professionally, except for one Selectman

    The Lincoln Building sits at the heart of Hingham Square. As one can see, it was built before the Civil War. Admittedly, it was in desperate need of renovation. Plans were in the works to address them to … Continue reading

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Profound moment when one Hingham Selectman files an Open Meeting Law Violation against own BOS

.Justice Louis D. Brandeis once famously said , “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” Justice Brandeis could have been … Continue reading

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The attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris is an attack on free thought everywhere

BelowBostonBlog would like to take this time to send sincere sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims of the attack on the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in Paris today. As has been reported, the publication had been threatened … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! What this blog writer wishes is more participation in civic affairs at all levels of government

Happy New Year! What is one of my New Year’s Resolutions? After the shameful voter numbers for the Fall Midterm election in November of ’14 came in for the United States: 36.4% of eligible voters did their civic duty, or … Continue reading

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End of 2014 book list~ what did you read this past year?

As the days of 2014 dwindle down, I am interested in creating a list as to what books I read this past year, as well as wondering what other people have read. I seem to have been caught up in … Continue reading

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Update on Bernie Sanders in Iowa – pretty significant that citizens come out a week before Christmas 2014

Us Senator Bernie Sanders is visiting Iowa pretty heavily in these last days of 2014. According to The Des Moines Register, “This was Sanders’ fourth trip this year to the presidential testing grounds of Iowa, where he has booked least … Continue reading

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Political ‘Sock puppet’; is it being employed in Hingham?

From : Political Sock Puppet~ Used to describe a person who has no original thoughts, opinions, or ideas of his/her own. Instead they regurgitate the “party-line” or talking points of others; At the opening of the December 11th Hingham … Continue reading

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Senator Elizabeth Warren ~ best 10 minute Senate floor speech to help American people confront Wall St influence

No need to add words to a describe a perfect speech – just watch, listen, and become re-engaged in the political process as CITIZENS should.  

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2 out of 3 Hingham Selectmen seem to lack a full understanding of following correct process of government procedures

The December 4th Board of Selectman meeting in Hingham was an eye-opener at the beginning of the meeting, which I wrote of previously in a blogpost entitled ‘Certain Hingham Selectmen ┬áneed to remember what century this town operates in’ as … Continue reading

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Who is playing the part of Richard Nixon circa 1968 in ’16

This is a continuation of my blogpost concerning the similarities to 1968 – only now I am focused on what history and the GOP machinations reveal when they nominate candidates. 1968~ Annus Horribilis Americanus War, assassinations, riots. Riots about race, … Continue reading

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