Brief respite from politics is coming to an end as activists gear up for MA Democratic Issues Convention in Lowell 7/13

Politics is on the upcoming menu for this weekend in Lowell as delegates and activists gather for the 2013 Massachusetts Democratic Issues Convention to be held on July 13th, 2013.

The ‘action’ really starts the evening before, July 12th, as delegates gather to meet announced candidates and ‘potential’ candidates for the races that will be decided in September of ’14 ( Primary) and in the General Election in November of ’14.

Already a candidate for the ‘Independent’ label was walking the beach at Hingham Harbor on July 6th trying to pass out campaign literature while people tried to grab spots to catch the Fireworks which are set off from Hingham’s Button Island – naturally, me, having a camera ready to capture a family tradition:tailgating the Fireworks, turned into:grab the camera and get a photo of this guy who was introducing himself, saying ‘Hi, I’m running for Governor. Can I give you literature?’ I heard someone say ‘WHAT? You’re running for WHAT?’ he replied ‘Governor. I’m running for Governor. Can I give you my  literature?’ He was told no. Then he and the guy who was holding the sign with his name on it turned around and walked back the way they had come.

Don’t you think it would have been better if he had said ‘I’m so & so, I’m running for Governor’?But he didn’t, and I heard  him approach 2 groups in exactly the same manner.

Oh well.



I watched him for awhile after that and saw that not too many people accepted his literature.

Election overload perhaps?

I think so.

He got ‘rejected’ so many times, he failed to come closer to our group; too bad, because the political junkie that I am, I would have taken it and asked him a few questions – but only a few, as my family is definitely on overload after the election we all went through. We have been enjoying the time off and have put away the campaign material that had been on my dining room table since February for Ed Markey.

As it is, my husband and I are just now starting to gear up for the Issues Convention – we are reading the Platform that was sent after our credentials arrived and we are getting invitations to Parties to meet some of the people running for Governor, Lt.Governor., and we are trying to figure out attire as we watch the weather forecasts ( please, no more 90+* heat!) because this is the latest Convention we have ever been to – dates switched to AFTER the Special General.

So while I may be back in political mode after this weekend, I am going to respect my fellow citizens  and learn from what I observed: there is overload out there. I may form an opinion and write about my impressions, but actively work the following week we get home for a candidate? – uh, no.

Most people want to enjoy what’s left of the summer of ’13 without being confronted with the fact that there are about 400 days before the next Primary election.

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