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There have been some changes. The old website is gone and a few of us bloggers are back with a slightly different name , but really the same mission: to encourage citizen journalism, political activism, and to give voice to subjects that affect our lives in the region “Below Boston” as well as across America.

I am writing this with my real name: Susan Haley – formally known under the old format as Susan H.

You will see more people posting and you may recognize their names from before, or, they may begin to use their full name as I am doing.

At this moment, I feel as if I am in election overload and I am not afraid to admit it: Special Senate Election in ’10, General Election in ’10, General Election in ’12 and here we are again – we have all just gotten through another Special Senate Primary and we are roughly 6 weeks out from another Special Senate General Election. If I care to peak ahead I see we are looking at a Governor’s race and Lt Governor’s race in ’14, one year from November. It really feels as if we haven’t had time to catch our breath.

Despite all the campaigning,there are serious issues that seem to get lost in ‘election-mode’: important topics that get reduced to soundbites and that bothers me.

That’s where blogging comes in.

In this blogging world, we can speak to the world of campaigns and of elections, which sometimes require long posts of analysis, but most of the time in this frenetic pace of ‘special elections’, quick updates are usually sufficient. In the blogging world, this blog in particular, it is in the realm of issues in which bloggers can take their time, research with links, draw attention to news that may be getting short shrift.

That is what I am looking forward to: bringing issues front and center that require activism, awareness, and fingers crossed:the ability to persuade people in our region, Below Boston, to achieve more peaceful, just communities in which we can all live.

Stop by.


Share your thoughts and concerns.

We are creating the audience and the platform to effect change.


We will be posting rules for posting on Below Boston as this site is under construction,but for the moment I would recommend that you follow this advice: if you wouldn’t read your post or comment in the middle of the Main St of the town you are from, it probably does not belong on this blog. Be respectful. Link to facts that back up your viewpoint.


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