MA Democratic Caucus Season comes to an end~ fun is just beginning

There are a lot of candidates running for statewide office. Important offices. The candidates are pretty solid, have great narratives, great resumes, but the real story is how many delegates and alternates are keeping ‘mum’ about their preferred choices.

So the hunt for delegates continues and that means at every regularly scheduled political event that in off years, meaning no elections, it is nice to reconnect with old friends, such as this weekend’s annual Plymouth County Democratic League St Patrick’s Day Dinner at Pembroke Country Club, that subdued atmosphere in an off year while fun, can become a little frenzied in a year like this one when races for Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General and Treasurer are wide open and contested.

It will be glad handing all around and politicians and their aides will have eagle eyes trained on suit jackets and scarves – is that a button signifying support for a candidate? Note will be taken. A name crossed off or checked. This is going to happen from now until June at every event at which candidates appear, forums, breakfasts:the voter looking and listening, the candidates looking for the buttons, the bumper stickers in the parking lot. It feels that close that looking for outward support will probably have a defined role for an aide or an intern.

Every button and bumper sticker is taking on mystical qualities~the lack there of, nerve racking .

Look for photos that I will be taking trying to find those signs of support on Saturday March 8th 2014 @ 6pm at Pembroke Country Club – I will post them here. for tickets

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