Who is playing the part of Richard Nixon circa 1968 in ’16

This is a continuation of my blogpost concerning the similarities to 1968 – only now I am focused on what history and the GOP machinations reveal when they nominate candidates.

1968~ Annus Horribilis Americanus

War, assassinations, riots. Riots about race, riots involving  political protests. Engaged in a war it was evident we were certainly not winning – the Tet Offensive caught our government off guard despite what had been written in the Pentagon Papers, commissioned in 1967 ~ what the Pentagon Papers were to reveal to the American people with their leaking in 1971 was very importantly, and very simply: we, American people, had never been told the truth about the War in Vietnam.

What was released yesterday and read on the Senate floor?

The torture program instituted by the CIA with regard to the ‘War on Terror’ – again, the American people had NOT been told the truth of what had been done in their name.

Within the past 2 weeks we have seen rioting in Ferguson MO ,  although for anyone who was alive in 1968, the riot in Ferguson does make not make a blemish on the face of what occurred in 1968. Yet the motivation behind it was similar – a sense of injustice, a hopelessness that there are 2 sets of justice in this country:one for whites, one for African Americans. [A white police officer was failed to be indicted with many questions hanging over the evidence presented, in addition to a outdated law used as justification for lethal force given to the grand jury, as well as the failure to re-cuse of the Prosecutor, whose father, a police office,r had been killed in the line of duty by an African American.]

Within days of the no indictment in Ferguson Mo, another highly watched case of a African American man from NY being placed in a  NY City Police department forbidden choke hold, died as a result of that choke hold. Although, again, a Grand Jury failed to indict the police officer for excessive use of force.

Protests across America have resulted with many homemade signs proclaiming #BlackLivesMatter. Traffic has been the one thing most affected by these protests. A few people have been arrested, but very little or no known property damage has resulted.

What’s supremely different between the protests about race in 1968 and 2014 is that a significant number of white Americans are taking part in them in solidarity.

We have had a major action taken with regard to immigration recently which has caused as much division as President Johnson’s ‘War on Poverty’ programs( despite their undisputed success – WIC, SNAP, HEAD START, Housing etc).

It is my opinion, that the same people( or their children) who complain[ed] about WIC, HEAD START, SNAP Benefits are still complaining about immigration policies because at some primitive level they see someone else~ people in grinding poverty mind you~ ‘getting’ something they are not.

My reaction?

They should count their blessings and recognize how lucky they are to not need, absolutely not need, that bare minimum of assistance, instead of coveting it in some weird way.

War on Poverty/Immigration

Race/2 tiered Justice system plainly evident – Rudy Guiliani’s daughter didn’t have to be worried about a police officer acting as judge, jury, and executioner when she was caught shoplifting, did she?

Protests marches/ Protest marches reflecting what America looks like

Governmental reports commissioned/released in which it is admitted our government lied in our name


How did Richard Nixon manage to win?

It certainly helped him when a viable 3rd candidate, George Wallace, joined the the pool of candidates.

It certainly helped him that he had ‘name recognition’ and that he had run before( for many offices, sometimes disastrously~ losing the race for California Governor he infamously said ‘You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more’); Republicans seem to LOVE and honor those candidates who have run before. Almost a prerequisite for a GOP candidate: must run, must lose, must lose ‘well’, must try again before it  - the nomination of the Party- is bestowed upon you and THEN the chances of victory increase.

Richard Nixon.

Ronald Reagan lost to Gerald Ford then went on to win.

George H W Bush lost to Reagan, served as Vice President, then went on to win again.

Bob Dole – chosen as a Vice Presidential running mate – went on to lose( they like picking in ‘seniority’ order as well)

John McCain – ran, and lost to George W Bush, gets the nomination and loses. See Bob Dole – age forces a ‘benching’.

Mitt Romney – ran, lost. Ran again, gets nomination. Word is circulating that he may run again.

If he does, imo, place your bets on Mitt getting the nod – GOP likes ‘tested’ candidates.

We have a slew of candidates who would prove mighty divisive if they decide to run – they appeal to the base of the GOP.

What’s the base?

Xenophobes, racists, a regional rump Party if you take away the ‘benefits’ of gerrymandering.

A person who makes in a year what the Koch Brothers make in about 15 minutes and who thinks their economic interests align with the Koch Brothers. That’s the base.

The base who looks so weird sitting next to the power brokers on the GOP Convention floor – one extreme to another.

What the GOP wants( forget Chris Christie, forget Scott Walker) and has shown us throughout history is a tested candidate who doesn’t come across as too crazy. So say goodbye to Ted Cruz, Sarah the quitter Palin, and say hello to a person who can look ‘middle of the road’ during a year[s] of upheaval.

So far, it is only 1968 that can be called Annus Horribilis Americanus ~2014  the American people are bringing about awareness without the real divisiveness we saw in 1968. That bodes well for Democrats.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the ones tapping into the deep well where most of the American say they are when it comes to issues and remedies that pollsters ask about.

I would rather watch that dynamic unfold by far.

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