Is the South Shore/Southeast MA a Springboard for MA GOP candidates?

Who is Gabriel Gomez really?

Simple answer:He’s a wealthy guy who lives in Cohasset.

Around here, this is in the region “Below Boston”.  And saying he is a wealthy guy who lives in Cohasset  could be saying that about a slew of people – so what is it about him that he suddenly finds himself as the GOP candidate for an open US Senate seat in Massachusetts?

Most importantly, what we all have to recognize, is that he IS from the region “Below Boston: i.e. the South Shore, Southeastern MA.

After the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, sparking a Special Primary and Special Election, the GOP tapped a photogenic, although little known State Senator from Wrentham., Scott Brown;Wrentham is considered part of Southeastern Massachusetts.Most activists knew Scott Brown had a short temper and conservative views and was able to say he had a ‘military’ background – having served in the MA National Guard without ever having been deployed overseas until after his successful bid at the US Senate seat. He made gaffe after gaffe, let his temper show and once Democratic activists became fully engaged – he found himself a former US Senator the next time he had to run for office, when the term he was filling was ‘up’( ’12). Goodbye to Senator Scott Brown~ we got to know you, and your votes, too well.

Next up in 2010, the good citizens of what was once known as the MA 10th Congressional District( forever gone due to the loss of the seat due to the results of the Census), found themselves with an open Congressional seat due to the retirement of former Congressman Bill Delahunt. The GOP electorate from the good ole 10th District tapped a young St. Rep. who was an arch conservative with strong ties to the Tea Party, who was a former police officer literally from one of the communities in the area that is known around here as “Cranberry Country”. During the campaign it came to light that this St. Rep. , fresh faced, clean cut, projecting a ‘law and order’ image, had been involved in what was close to what can be characterized as molestation cases done by police officers against very young women who were illegally searched during ‘dubious’ arrest attempts. The GOP electorate picked this former St. Rep. , a certain Jeff Perry, over a well known former GOP State Treasurer who already had name recognition but not quite so close connections to the Tea Party element in the good ole 10th District. This creepy, in my view, St. Rep.nearly beat out a long time Democratic DA, Bill Keating from Quincy.

So now we have Gabriel Gomez. From Cohasset. He’s a former Navy Seal. He has that clean cut visual image the GOP tends to go for. And his only previous attempt at elected office was a 3rd place finish in a 3 way race for Selectman for Cohasset. He is a vulture capitalist like Mitt Romney, he has the military creds, ‘law and order’ image the GOP drools over, and he is a first generation Latino whom the GOP puppet masters realize is a demographic that they need to start to pay attention to: he is their perfect ‘Frankenstein’ candidate – created nearly like a check list : good looking, check; military creds, check; Latino, check; has gone to the Sarah Palin school of answering in soundbites – you betcha, check;from the South Shore: CHECK.

It’s that last part that we need to focus on: the South Shore. South of Boston. Below Boston.

This is the region that is the hotbed of Tea Party activists:  it was in Hanson( part of Southeastern MA) where the sign depicting Elizabeth Warren as a squaw was planted in someone’s lawn. This is the area that gave us Scott Brown and Jeff Perry, and now, thanks to the machinations of people like Ron Kaufman who has mega ties to the Bush Family and who himself has substantial ties to Quincy and Holbrooke – 2 more communities South of Boston, that we have the wholly created and produced candidate that is Gabriel Gomez.

As an activist liberal Democrat, I want to do everything I can to stop the GOP from using this region south of Boston as their springboard for their carefully crafted and  artificially produced candidates.

That translates into: don’t spout grassroots jargon at me and then ignore what I, as a proud liberal Democratic activist tells you, that will mitigate the impact of these GOP manufactured candidates have had on the region South of Boston. We live here. We know what influences our friends and neighbors.

Listen to us.


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