South Carolina: Don’t ever lecture America on ‘morality’ ever again. Period.

Mark ‘Tell the people of South Carolina,the state of which I am the present Governor, that I am off hiking the Appalachia Trail while I am really visiting my mistress in Argentina” Sanford, defeated his Democratic challenger in a Special Congressional election in South Carolina tonight.

When he ‘confessed’ that he had lied to constituents concerning his whereabouts he related as well that he had committed adultery during an infamous press conference a few years back, and during that press conference he admitted  that it was not the first time he had been involved with other women during his marriage.

This is the same Mark Sanford, who, while previously serving in Congress prior to becoming Governor of South Carolina, voted to impeach President Bill Clinton.

Can you spell HYPOCRITE?

I can: Mark Sanford as well as the GOP base who elected him tonight.

I can also spell PATHETIC.

The 2 word choices work very well on this evening.

South Carolina – here’s a warning: no more lectures from your state will be given any consideration when it comes to morality.

Having zero credibility tends to have that happen to individuals, groups, and states when they say and act in this manner:”DO as I SAY and NOT as I DO”.

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