End of 2014 book list~ what did you read this past year?

As the days of 2014 dwindle down, I am interested in creating a list as to what books I read this past year, as well as wondering what other people have read.

I seem to have been caught up in the anniversary of the beginning of WWI and the people and decisions that were made that still  impact our world today.

I am finishing “Lawrence in Arabia” by Scott Anderson; excellent, and filled with vivid descriptions of people besides T.E. Lawrence who lived in the region, impacted the region with their separate motivations. Highly recommend this book.

I keep books in different bags ( ask my husband,lol) and seem to be able to pick them up and ‘continue the conversation’ with them, as one would  as with an old friend.  The biography of Woodrow Wilson by A. Scott Berg called “Wilson” ties in perfectly with “Lawrence in Arabia”, especially as I am now at the point of the battle of the ratification of the League of Nations Treaty with the Senate and the description of how diplomats carved out the 20th century is amazing.

“Unbroken” – so good, I couldn’t put it down and I look forward to seeing the movie – a  true story of courage, faith, redemption, and forgiveness. The fact that it centers around WWII again reinforces my belief that all conflict in the 20th century centers around the events of WWI.

“The Boys in the Boat” another book that shows the effects of economic decisions – The Great Depression – determination, sacrifice, and the Olympics staged in Berlin which had far reaching effects on sports, and propaganda.

” Grant, A Biography” by William McFeely which I picked up at an estate sale. Another book of determination and perseverance and at the same time full of questions about the fundamental role of history. Is it the biography of people responding to the times they live in? Or do certain people actually shape history itself? Side note – Grant’s own autobiography is a book that should be on everyone’s must read list.

With the filming of the Coast Guard event around our area recently, I pulled out our copy of the book “Their Finest Hours” and re-read it. Terrific read, fast paced story of courage with lots of local color for New Englanders.

If I can think of anymore, I will add to the list.

What did YOU read this year?

Edit: I read “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick – fantastic! Just fantastic. I also read “Washington’s Spies” by Alexander Rose because I started watching AMC’s series “TURN” which is based upon his book. Nice read, try to catch the series which has been renewed for a 2nd season.

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