South Shore Democratic Caucus Meeting 5/9/13 brought out Democratic local Grassroots Activists and Party Chair

The South Shore Democratic Caucus held a meeting on May 9( almost a week ago) and as I  was in attendance, I gave myself some time to reflect on what occurred as John Walsh, Chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party was a featured speaker, as well as some representatives of the Ed Markey for US Senate Campaign.

This is the appropriate place where I disclose that I am an active volunteer for the Markey campaign in Hingham.

John Walsh was the featured speaker and he certainly did a superb job reminding everyone why this Special Senate Election is so important: what’s at stake,what issues are front and center, and what a bland, difficult to pin down candidate Gabriel Gomez is for voters in regard to those important issues besides the resume that Gomez wants everyone to be able to trip easily off the tongue….he’s a … know you know~ so I have no intention of repeating that GOP frame, because that’s ALL the GOP hopes anyone will remember.

I am volunteering because I do care about the issues that Ed Markey has spent 36 years advocating on, establishing a voting record on. Ed Markey understands what it means to be a public servant. Being a public servant is a calling, just as any other profession is. Ed Markey excels at being a public servant and, more importantly, at being a legislator: he has authored major, significant legislation that has impacted all of our lives,  in a positive manner.

What is striking, from a campaign perspective – and here is where I disclose that I have a political science degree and have volunteered on far too many campaigns to count- is that campaigns sometimes have staff which think that they have somehow ‘re-invented’ the campaign wheel.


I have seen that happen only once in my life: Howard Dean’s Campaign for President.

I was very fortunate to be a part of that experience.

THAT was re-inventing the campaign wheel.

All others since then are just working off of that model – using technology effectively, grassroots,outreach.

In the last few days since the May 9th SSDC meeting I can say that we are very fortunate that John Walsh is our Chair, that Ed Markey is our candidate, and, that some staffers need to get some historical perspective about what works: all the tools in the kit.

I think we all: volunteers, the Chair, the staff, are finally all on board with that now – because I, and a more than a few of my fellow activists that I know from neighboring communities, are not shy about speaking – or blogging, on a subject if there is something that is ‘out of balance’ when it comes to campaigns.

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