Sen. Jaime Eldridge to speak about criminal justice reform at Scituate Library on Feb. 3

For anyone who’s read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander or is interested in finding out more about the problems in the Massachusetts criminal justice system and about state legislation designed to address them, this is a great opportunity.

The Scituate Democratic Town Committee is hosting the first event of its new ‘Speaker Series’ at the Scituate Public Library (85 Branch Street) on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd (7:00 PM).  The event will focus on criminal justice reform in Massachusetts. Jamie Eldridge [D Senator Acton], and Becca Miller, an aide to Tom Sannicandro [D Representative Framingham/Ashland], will speak about: ending mandatory minimums for drug offenses, bail reform, and restorative justice. Discussion to follow.

Everyone is welcome.

This topic is one that is mostly ignored.  Anyone who has not had experience with the criminal justice system, or seen its effects on those who are caught up in it, may not understand how the deck is stacked against non-violent drug offenders.  Being convicted of a felony destroys many lives that might have been salvaged.  Mandatory minimums, lack of rehabilitative services in prisons, excessive fees for those who can least afford them, and little to no support for ex-offenders are just a few of the ways that one mistake can make it nearly impossible to climb back to becoming a contributing member of the community.  Like Michelle Alexander says in her book, The New Jim Crow, it creates a permanent underclass that is detrimental to individuals and the society they are released into.

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2 Responses to Sen. Jaime Eldridge to speak about criminal justice reform at Scituate Library on Feb. 3

  1. Janet Alfieri says:

    Article in Washington Post about one of the after effects of prison
    Millions of ex-cons still can’t get jobs. Here’s how the White House could help fix that.

  2. Susan Haley says:

    Thanks for posting about this lecture! It is a hugely important topic.

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