Hingham Square loses iconic building, town employees acted professionally, except for one Selectman




The Lincoln Building sits at the heart of Hingham Square.

As one can see, it was built before the Civil War.

Admittedly, it was in desperate need of renovation. Plans were in the works to address them to bring everything up to code. Because it does sit in the historic Hingham Square district there are Boards and Commissions that had a voice about changes that were proposed.

Today, the roof of the Lincoln Building collapsed due to the unprecedented amount of snow the winter of ’14-’15 has seen fit to drop upon our region.

With that roof collapse many things became evident:the professionalism of Town of Hingham employees, especially those charged with public safety; here I want to commend the Fire Chief, Mark Duff and all Hingham Fire and Police who commiserated with business owners and strategized how to safely handle the situation they were presented with.  The seriousness of the situation was conveyed by the demeanor of all those ‘within the caution tape’.

Outside the ‘caution tape’?

Board of Selectman Chair Irma Lauter decided this catastrophe for businesses in the Square( nearly every single business within the Square was closed), the way the Lincoln Building met it’s end, was a reason to post a photo on her FACEBOOK page, promoting her candidacy for re-election, a photo taken in the  Square, with the backdrop of the collapsed roof and closed businesses in the background, while she smiles and finishes a posting with a sentence: “Great to have a Selectman who is able to be there all the time!”

Excuse me?

Are you kidding me?

Is this appropriate on any level?

I was in the Square, as a life long resident, taking photos with my daughter’s boyfriend and reflecting upon the fact that The Lincoln Building existed and had been seen by my relatives going back to the Civil War – one of whom enlisted in that War from Hingham. I was sad. I looked around. I didn’t see anyone around me smiling either. I was there for one hour – roughly 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Check out my photos,  look at the concentration and seriousness of those in the Square, especially ‘within the caution tape’, then go see the ‘smiling’ Selectman on her Facebook page.

Ask yourself if this is a moment for smiling.




Watch the video at the link, and then head over to the Facebook page of Irma for Selectman~ I see NOTHING to smile about.

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