Voter turnout for Special Senate Election could depend upon when cities and towns end the 2012-2013 academic calendar

If this were ‘normal’ year, parents across the Commonwealth could anticipate their kids’ summer vacation to start somewhere between June 17-21.

But is hasn’t been a ‘normal year’, weather-wise: we experienced a ferocious blizzard in February as well as a few more storms that ‘ate up’ the usual anticipated early closing of the school year.

Boston Public School’s last day of of the 2012-2013 academic calendar year is June 28th, 2013. And that fact is making many Democratic activists like me, very happy.

The Special Senate Election is June 25th.

It should be a simple matter to google to find out when your Massachusetts city or town is having an end to the school year.

For this region, BelowBoston, I just found out that the last day of school in Hingham, my hometown, is June 20th – NOT so good for activists: we need to get the message out that before people head out of town for possible vacations, that they need to remember to VOTE.

I googled the following communities BelowBoston and found these ‘all over the calendar’ closing dates~

Weymouth: last day  of school is June 26th
Hingham: last day of school is June 20th
Hull: last day of school is June 20th
Cohasset: last day of school is June 25th
Scituate: last day of school is June 27th
Norwell: last day of school is June 25th
Marshfield: last day of school is June 24th
Duxbury: last day of school is June 21st
Quincy: last day of school is June 27th

For activists all over the state – I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find out when school is closing – it should part of our canvas script.

This Special Senate Election is too important to not remind people that they may need to use an absentee ballot.

And that they need to vote for Ed Markey for US Senate.

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