Under 9% turnout rate for Boston Special elections today: implications for Special Senate race?

Dismal turnout the day after Memorial Day to fill the State Senate seat vacated by former State Senator Jack Hart of South Boston.

Under 9% turnout.

You read that correctly :UNDER 9% of people eligible to vote took the time to go to the polls and vote the day after Memorial Day, the day we hear speech after speech asking us to ¬†reflect upon the sacrifices made by our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines – those killed, severely wounded, their families devastated, speeches often accompanied by the phrase:”to preserve our freedom”.

Some people get upset if other people don’t pause to reflect on Memorial Day, to take a little time to honor those who have paid, far too many with their lives ;one often hears the phrase “It’s not just a day to go to the beach or have a cookout, or a day to be treated as the ‘beginning of summer’. Those people are correct, it is not. Most people I know, put out the flag, try to make it to their communities local ceremony to honor their Town’s Veterans.The armed services are present,the High School Band plays the the armed services medley and there are speeches; girl scouts and boy scouts help place wreathes and one is taken to be placed in the water at the Harbor
in remembrance for all those lost at sea.

This year was a little different: the opportunity existed to remind a lot of people that the VERY NEXT DAY they would have the chance to exercise that what all the sacrifice by so many individuals bought for them:: the right and duty to vote in an election.

Just under 9% of people decided to fulfill their end of this ‘bargain’ :- one side sacrifices far too many by paying the ultimate price, the other side makes sure the sacrifice is not in vain by VOTING…….91% couldn’t be bothered to go to the polls today in Boston. I wonder how many of 91% had, or went, to a cookout, got on a boat, ¬†went to the beach yesterday, or played a round of golf.

So now there is a new State Senator:LINDA DORCENA FORRY and a new State Representative:JAY D LIVINGSTONE elected with under 9% of the eligible voters. Congratulations, I think~ you really have to wonder who their constituents are? 9% are Good Citizens, I know that much, and they deserve the ‘capital letter’ designating them as such. In my opinion there are about 91% of voters who can never complain about the choice made today and they may be fortunate and find themselves with outstanding public servants through no action of their own. Let’s hope so.

City results here:http://www.cityofboston.gov/elections/currentelections/

What are the implications for the upcoming Special Senate Election featuring Congressman Ed Markey, Democrat, against Cohasset resident Gabriel Gomez for the GOP? What gloomy number will Secretary of State Bill Galvin put out for that race, because he always seems to aim low and then he gets the low turnout he predicts, doesn’t he?

How to generate turnout, excitement, as June 25th approaches? One method would be by putting out signs that show the date of the election – because June 25th is beyond unusual – it conflicts with many school closings and the start of many peoples’ vacations. Additionally,we are about to confront our first heatwave if weathermen are to be believed. Once that happens my outdoor activity becomes severely limited as I am sure many other volunteers abilities will be as well. And are we activists forgetting that June is the traditional month for graduations, showers, wedding, high school final exams, end of the year school parties, proms? I know I am booked for a good portion of this month with activities I just listed.

It is a daunting task ahead, but to end this essay, I want to commend the ‘just under 9% who DID turnout to vote’ for keeping up their end of the bargain so that so many would NOT ever have it said that they died in vain because those whose freedom they protected couldn’t be bothered to get to the polls .

Anyone willing to predict the turnout in Massachusetts on June 25th after today’s results?

20% is starting to look large….how sad is that?

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