Debate tonight @7pm for MA Special Senate Race seen locally on Channel 4

One whole hour will be set aside tonight for a debate this evening between Congressman Ed Markey, Democrat, and Cohasset resident Gabriel Gomez, the GOP candidate whose only previous attempt at public office was a 3rd place finish in a 3 way race for Cohasset Selectman. It can be viewed on Channel 4 WBZ-TV, and can be heard on radio on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 as well starting at 7pm .

It should be an interesting hour listening to how Gabe Gomez will attempt to follow through on his latest campaign meme: how he really isn’t Republican like those other Republicans in DC and across America who are working so assiduously to send him money so he can be aloof from them. Pitches for cash for Gabe have been sent by the GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnel as well as Florida Senator Marco Rubio to their supporters to help the guy who wants MA voters to most recently accept the premise that he will ‘be his own guy’, not really a Republican like those other guys are.

Where have we heard that before?

I predict, what we are about to witness, is a hubris so grand, so delusional, that it will rival the many delusions of the most recently defeated GOP Senator, Scott Brown. And that’s saying something.

We are going to see naked ambition on display to benefit one person only: Gabe Gomez.

His letter to Governor Deval Patrick, asking to be appointed to the Senate seat as interim Senator once John Kerry resigned to take up the mantle of Secretary Of State of The United States is a case in point: he uses the pronoun “I” 26 times in the 2 page letter requesting the interim Senate appointment. The pronouns ‘me, my, mine’ are used 12 times.

In contrast, the use of the pronoun ‘our’ or the phrase ‘people of Massachusetts’ is used, if I counted correctly, twice. Twice.

He certainly uses the pronoun ‘ you and your’( referring to the Governor) more frequently – in my estimation in the most kiss-ass way to get consideration : 8 times by my count; he fawns, practically slobbers over the Governor in asking for the interim appointment.

Here is the copy of the letter for your own perusal:

People of Massachusetts: this run by Gabe Gomez is all about HIM, not us.

Re-read his letter to the Governor if you don’t believe me.

The people of Cohasset took his measure a long time ago and Gomez fell way short of the standard they deemed necessary to fulfill the position of Selectman. 3rd in a 3 way race.

We should respect their judgement, and listen tonight, listen with an ear finely attuned for the following: it is all about him? Will he denigrate the public service record of Ed Markey?Will Gomez get specific about us, the people of Massachusetts and our future? Does he know enough about the issues that affect our lives, or is he mouthing soundbites that are focus group driven? Listen for phrases such as ‘bi-partisan’,’ working across the aisle’ , ‘not beholden to special interests’. Will he be vague on the issues so as to mask the agenda he would support: the agenda of Mitch McConnell?

This debate, I predict, will reveal a lot.

Tune in.

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