For Massachusetts Democratic Activists – it’s all politics, all the time:18 days separate Special Senate Election and Democratic State Party Convention

Here in Massachusetts the most important  of all polls to decide the Special Senate race will open across the Commonwealth on the morning of Tuesday June 25th. At 7 am to be precise. They will close at 8pm.

Sometime later that evening we will know who the next US Senator from Massachusetts will be. I don’t think I am telling anyone who cares about politics anything that they don’t already know.

What most people don’t realize:  18 days later , the Massachusetts Democratic  Party will hold it’s Convention, it’s Issues Convention, in Lowell. [Dis-closer - I am a delegate to that Convention]

The most important date however, is 17 days after June 25th – Friday evening July 12th. That’s when candidates for statewide offices will be making the rounds at receptions put on by them, or by attending regional Democratic groups who have planned events, or social gatherings, or at breakfasts the morning of the the 13th prior to the beginning of the Convention.

Have I mentioned that there is a Mayoral race for Boston going on as well?

Can you say election overload?

I can.

I ‘m feeling it.

The Governor’s seat is open and at this moment we have 2 announced candidates on the Democratic side: Don Berwick and Joseph Avellone

Check out this Wikipedia page for the list of ‘Potential’ candidates :,_2014- quite the list.

We will have an ‘Open’ Lt. Governor seat as well in ’14 and we have 2 announced candidates for that office as well: Steve Kerrigan and Mike Lake.

But I would draw your attention back to the “Potential’ list at Wikipedia because if any of those currently ‘incumbent’ statewide office holders such as Treasurer Steve Grossman ,decides to throw his hat into the ring for Governor, then we will have a Treasurer’s race on our hands as well.

17 days to enjoy summer, take a deep breath, go to the Issues Convention, meet some of these office seekers and then decide whether to commit to being a volunteer for a candidate or sit this one out for awhile, say at least the Autumn, and go back into serious blogger mode and intensively observe and report.

Blogging sounds good.

Have I mentioned election overload?

One important election at a time~

Remember to vote AND,  GOTV on June 25th 2013 for Ed Markey for US Senate.

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